Have fun or give a beautiful gift of our gorgeous hand-made Cupcake Soaps superfatted with Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Non-GMO Sunflower & Pure Ricebran oils.

Our Stock turns over very quickly, so they are always being updated in look, colour, fragrance & design. Some of our latest cupcake soaps now use the beautiful Russian Piping Nozzles, which have taken the world by storm. If you want anything particular, or have a question, please email us on and we can send you a photo of the latest designs! Either way, we know you will love them.

Pink Floral Cupcake $9.00

Delightfully fragranced with Strawberry Champagne with a hand piped flower


Clean Cotton Heart Cupcake

Clean Cotton Cupcake $9.00

Fresh cotton and sweet Linen fragrance with  a hand piped soap flower



White Frangipani Cupcake $9.00

Soft delicate floral Frangipani with a fragrant flower soap on top


Lavender  Cupcake  $9.00

Traditional Native Lavender at it’s best! Delightfully swirled by hand with a gorgeous PINK Daisy on the top Mixed with a tinge of grapefruit in the base


Sweet Mango Pea Cupcake  $0.00


4-Pack Cupcake Pack Cupcake Soaps - 12+ Colours and many more shades of your choice

Cupcake Soaps Regular Set of 4  Random Choice – $30

A set of 4 of our Current Cupcake Soaps as above at Random Pick! If you want specific colours, please email us – see contact page.


Mini Cupcakes Set of 4   $15   

Gorgeous little set of 4 Mini Cupcakes, A variety pack of  Pinks, Blues, Greens, lemons, purples and various other shades.

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