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Welcome to our beautiful new Exciting Range of Eco-Soy pure natural non GMO Soy candles with all our fragrances made especially for High Tea in the Bath, using Essential oils, Resins, Plant extracts, nature identical and safe non animal fragrance ingredients. Transform and complete your Bathroom experience with our wonderful High Tea in the Bath CANDLES.


SMALL – 15 – 18 hours burn time $12 – boxed

LARGE – 70 – 84 hours  burn time $36 – boxed

EXTRA LARGE – Gift Boxed Beautiful Hand Made Mosaics featuring our Lacey Hand Piped Tops! Unique to us – Over 100 – 150 hours burn time $60 (only available for Pick up locally or in our Shopping Centre POP-ups due to their fragility to Post)

Where are we?

Our beautiful New Range of Candles are now available in the following Ranges:  


Black Raspberry

This is the ultimate strong Raspberry Fragrance crossed with Caramel. A deliciously sweet fragrance of warm vanilla sugar and sun ripened black raspberries:  Our new absolute favourite fragrance! You will become addicted to this one, so order carefully! Beware! It has a matching Soap and Body Butter – Entrapped!!!!

Black Raspberry Small – 15 – 18 hours $12


Black Raspberry Large – 70+hour $36


Bush Lavender

Our beautiful Australian Bush Lavender Candles – a strong natural favourite Lavender. And who doesn’t love a beautiful pure  Lavender Candle with all its soothing and relaxing qualities?

Bush Lavender Small – 15 – 18 hour  $12


Bush Lavender Large – 70+ hour  $36


Champagne & Strawberries

An all time favourite fragrance, the gorgeous smell of sweet fresh strawberries in a sea of creamy champagne bubbles with an underscore of roses, this Candle will delight you at once.

Champagne & Strawberries Small – 15 – 18 hour  $12


Champagne & Strawberries Large – 70+ hour  $36


Coconut Cream

Beautiful smooth creamy notes of our favourite Coconut Cream, with buttery undertones of rich creamy vanilla fudge. Smells divine!

Coconut Cream Small – 15 -18 hour  $12


Coconut Cream Large – 70+ hour  $36



Frangipani flowers in Spring and summer, and its flowers have an exquisite fragrance

Frangipani Small – 15 – 18 hour  $12


Frangipani Large – 70+ hour  $36



The strongest of soft sweet floral garden of Freesias, a Pretty & long-lasting bouquet



French Pear

The delicious fragrance of soft ripe French pears with Green Tea and Creamy Coconut Milk

French Pear Small – 15 -18 hour  $12


French Pear Large – 70+ hour  $36


Lemon Myrtle

The fresh, strong uplifting natural, herbal Lemon Myrtle we are famous for!

Lemon Myrtle Small – 15 -18 hour  $12


Lemon Myrtle Large – 70+ hour  $36



Mysterious deep rich roses with sensuous musk, soft sweet Marshmallows and creamy coconut

Marshmallow  Small – 15 – 18 hours  $12


Marshmallow Large – 70+ hour $36


Midnight Rose Otto

The essential oil extracted from the petals of one of the rarest flowers in the world, the Bulgarian Rose Damascena. A beautiful sensuous deep Midnight Rose.

Midnight Rose Otto Small – 15 – 18 hour  $12


Midnight Rose Otto Large – 70+ hour $36


Peppermint & Coconut  Cream

Fresh & Invigorating Uplifting Peppermint w. creamy coconut. This is true esential oil of Peppermint, just like the huge Odd Fellow peppermints, with Peppermint Arvenis.

Peppermint & Coconut Cream Small – 15 – 18 hour  $12


Peppermint & Coconut Cream Large – 70+hour  $36



The woody, smokey, sensual, natural outback Sandalwood

Sandalwood Small – 15 – 18 hour  $12


Sandalwood Large – 70+ hour  $36


Smokey Patchouli

Deep Rich Smokey Wood Patchouli with notes of soft smooth Velvet

Smokey Patchouli Small – 15 -18 hour  $12


Smokey Patchouli Large – 70+hours $36


Vanilla Caramel

The delicious fragrance of Rich buttery Vanilla with sugary Caramel, the strongest of Vanillas for the true Vanilla lovers. This is my All-time favourite Candle, Soap & Body Butter fragrance – right alongside Black Raspberry! So hard to choose!

Vanilla Caramel Small – 15 – 18 hour  $12


Vanilla Caramel Large – 70+hour  $36


White Patchouli

Patchouli with top notes of White Lilies to lift it, underscored with beautiful creamy Coconut Cream.

White Patchouli Small – 15 -18 hour  $12


White Patchouli Large – 70+ hour  $36



SMALL – 15 – 18 hours burn time $12

LARGE – 70 -84 hours burn time  $36

EXTRA LARGE – Gift Boxed Beautiful Hand Made Mosaics  featuring our Unique beautifully Hand Piped Lacey Tops – Up to 150 hours burn time  $60


Burn times are variable due to changing conditions, e.g. air or wind flow, draught etc. how many hours they burn for each time they are lit, and so on.

For example, we have tested our beautiful Large Mosaics in outside conditions with varying wind levels for 4 hours per day over a one month period, and the Candle is still going strong!



































































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