May 012015

Our Very Latest addition to High Tea in the Bath – Let There Be Light!

A gorgeous New Range of Candles, Small, Large, Mosaics & Novelties, Travel Tins and Specials, Prayer Candles & Massage Candles. Purely to indulge and enhance your Bathroom Experience!

Beautiful new Organic Specialty & Milk Soaps

Bulgarian Rose Otto

Lily & White Rose

Vanilla Caramel


PLUS Plenty More! Find them in our page links and On-Line Shop

Have you seen our beautiful ranges of Organic Specialty & Milk Soaps

What about our beautful new range of Gift Packs & Boxed Sets

 Marshmallow Luxury Gift Pack

 2 Pack Cake Set Organic Bath Tea Luxury Bath Truffles Set of 12

Find these and many other new products in our page links and On-Line Shop

These beautiful new soaps are inspired by Nature and created to spoil you everyday, with wonderful Australian bush oils, Organic Raw ingredients, rich creamy Organic Vegan Milks, and delightful  fragrances to lift the spirit and leave you with a gorgeous lingering clean fresh fragrance inspired by all things Natural and Organic!

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Gail Dickson – Soap Artist – with truly the world’s most unique original natural soaps using Organic and pure ingredients – after all: EVERYONE HAS TO WASH – and these beautiful handmade soaps are MEANT TO BE USED!


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