All our Products are totally PALM-FREE, VEGAN, 100% CRUELTY FREE, contain Certified Organic Ingredients, and are environmentally kind to the world and to you and your loved ones!


On Friday 9th February, our Website will be unavailable for 4 weeks due to Site update and Maintainence. This includes a complete New Line of Organic Coconut Soaps, and a Brand New Category Addition of fabulous Eco-Soy Candles (non GMO Safe burning) which will link to some of the favourite and famous Fragrances of our Soaps and Body Butters. Our exciting New Range of Candles will feature beautiful Gift  Mosaics as well as our new Modern Glass container Candles for fragrancing your home or for that Complete BathRoom experience. While we do apologize for any inconvenience during this period, we are sure you will be as delighted as us to welcome our wonderful New Products! Thank you for your patience and for your Custom.


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